Months of April


Months of April


Months of April is seeking a professional production in New York.

Creative Team:

Original Concept/Music & Lyrics: April Rose Gabrielli 
Revisions/Creative Contributions: Christine Gabrielli


Inner city teens April and Jaden have grown up knowing nothing but each other. Together they sort out the mysteries of their turbulent worlds and deal with their unfortunate histories. They are suddenly pulled away from each other when April is ordered to attend a summer retreat camp to resolve her abusive habits. Jaden falls into an even darker life-style as April begins to connect with teens that face similar demons. Will they survive without each other in this “Carnival of Life?”

Production History:

Months of April has had two readings (2010 & 2011) and one fully staged workshop production, in 2010 on Long Island, NY.

Literary History:

The story of Months of April was written over a five year period; inspired by my passion for theatre and the need to explain my motivation to question all that is. I began writing Months of April at the tender age of 12. While attending a Catholic school in a fairly sheltered community, enduring the everyday pressures of fitting in, and attempting to ignore the turmoil of an unhappy home; I sought refuge in written expression and song writing. The unyielding release of emotion and thought through daily journal entries and the composition of short melodious tunes seemed to develop in a direction that enabled me to unveil the many mysteries of the human existence we all may ponder.

This delightfully honest musical experience encourages self-improvement, love, the right to make choices, and the power to listen to your inner voice. Months of April teaches a poignant and truthful message of discovery, rebellion, transformation and defeat.

Months of April touches upon many thought provoking themes such as religion, sexuality, body image, substance abuse, suicide, and family dysfunction.  Some of the issues that the teens of this generation face are confusing and unbearable; the story of Months of April helps to enlighten the young adults of today to the fact they’re not alone in their struggles.

Every character in Months of April is based on a person that I have known or have been influenced by. The characters are modern, real, relatable and charismatic, making it easy to be drawn into the story-lines of each.


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