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Simplicity Is Key

Again, whilst doing the search for another article for my business class; I found something awesome. 

I found an article about a man who has worked his way up from the beginning. He shows an incredible amount of emotional intelligence when it comes to being a business person. 

My favorite advice of the entire article comes from the last paragraph, he states: 

"I feel as if I’ve spent the last 25 years getting ready for what I’m doing now. During that time, I’ve found that simplicity is crucial in running a business, from keeping your mind open to ideas that present themselves in everyday life to ensuring that your processes are straightforward. It’s a matter of paring complex problems to the essentials.”

I’m going to try to apply these concepts to my life as an artist, business person and overall human being. Regardless of who you are, everyone could use a little less complexity in life. 

April :) 

Check out the article here.

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February 12th, 2012

Hello All,

I hope to update this blog more often!

Just to update you…

Months of April now has a brand new opening number as well as a brand new song in the second act. I’m so thrilled with these changes and hope to continue finalizing this show. (It’ll never be over, but i’m ok with that!) I’ve been submitting it to various festivals and I am looking forward to it appearing in New York some time within the next year or two.

As some of you might know, I’m studying business at Pace and minoring in writing & arts/entertainment management, with the hopes of becoming a producer and writer for theatre. Individually, I have been brushing up on my producing knowledge with a brand new arsenal of books recommended to me by none other than Broadway producer, Van Dean. I’m loving them! I read them whenever I commute to Suellen Vance’s, to intern for her.

I’m interning with Suellen as she’s producing an incredible show Central Avenue Breakdown. (Music & Lyrics by Kevin Ray, Book by Kevin Ray & Josh Sohn, Additional Story by Suellen Vance and Directed By Christopher Windom) It premiered in the New York Musical Theatre Festival this past October, and I absolutely adored it. I see it going so incredibly far. It’ll be up in Korea this June at Daegu International Music Festival. Awesome.

I met Suellen last April (hehe) at Ken Davenport’s “Get your show off the ground seminar” I was chosen to attend for free. It was incredible. I still refer back to my notes from the seminar weekly. It has opened up many doors for me and I’ve made so many solid connections in the business so far. Working with Suellen is so enjoyable and I learn so many different things every time I go. 

I am also currently working on “The Bakery” an incredibly funny new show by my friend and colleague at Pace, Brandon Pfeltz. I’m stage managing and I hope to see it go very far in the future as well. It opens this month and I am so excited for opening night. The audience is gonna lose it.

Over the summer, I hope to have an internship here in New York, so I can continue my networking and gain more knowledge throughout the summer. I hope to update this blog every week and keep you up to date with all of my projects, mainly surrounding months of april and other writing projects i’m working on. 

April :)


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