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Simplicity Is Key

Again, whilst doing the search for another article for my business class; I found something awesome. 

I found an article about a man who has worked his way up from the beginning. He shows an incredible amount of emotional intelligence when it comes to being a business person. 

My favorite advice of the entire article comes from the last paragraph, he states: 

"I feel as if I’ve spent the last 25 years getting ready for what I’m doing now. During that time, I’ve found that simplicity is crucial in running a business, from keeping your mind open to ideas that present themselves in everyday life to ensuring that your processes are straightforward. It’s a matter of paring complex problems to the essentials.”

I’m going to try to apply these concepts to my life as an artist, business person and overall human being. Regardless of who you are, everyone could use a little less complexity in life. 

April :) 

Check out the article here.

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