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Hello Everyone!

I am only in the third week of my summer vacation, I have 100 something days to go… Imagine what that means for Months of April :) 

Months of April will be making its New York City premiere within the next year. I am so excited to say that. I have acquired a truly phenomenal team of young, incredible talent. 

The sheet music is well on its way to completion, I am learning a lot about notating & brushing up on my music theory. I am happy when progress is made.

Can you say, five new songs have been added to MOA & replacing the six that were taken out? Holy crap, I never thought i’d see the day that I wasn’t stubborn about editing this show… Even if it meant enhancing it. It is an awesome process, I hope many of the same audience from the first production can return to its next to see the transformation.

Anyway in addition to all of this craziness: I have a job! I often forget that I am at work, because it is so enjoyable to be at. It makes me realize I am moving in the right direction… Usually a very good feeling to have.

I’ve been working with the Casting & Training crew over at the Blue Man Group, and it is seriously awesome. I have never worked with such a unique team. So cool. A great combination of a work ethic that is laid back yet disciplined. I have already learned so much, I cannot wait to see the final outcome of my time spent there.

That’s all for now, life is incredible.

- April Rose 

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This song is by an incredible artist from my hometown, Ryan Cassata. “Hands of Hate,” spreads an incredible message of acceptance and our abilities (good and bad) as human beings. Please spread this video around, It needs to be seen all over the world. 

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