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Hello Everyone!

I am only in the third week of my summer vacation, I have 100 something days to go… Imagine what that means for Months of April :) 

Months of April will be making its New York City premiere within the next year. I am so excited to say that. I have acquired a truly phenomenal team of young, incredible talent. 

The sheet music is well on its way to completion, I am learning a lot about notating & brushing up on my music theory. I am happy when progress is made.

Can you say, five new songs have been added to MOA & replacing the six that were taken out? Holy crap, I never thought i’d see the day that I wasn’t stubborn about editing this show… Even if it meant enhancing it. It is an awesome process, I hope many of the same audience from the first production can return to its next to see the transformation.

Anyway in addition to all of this craziness: I have a job! I often forget that I am at work, because it is so enjoyable to be at. It makes me realize I am moving in the right direction… Usually a very good feeling to have.

I’ve been working with the Casting & Training crew over at the Blue Man Group, and it is seriously awesome. I have never worked with such a unique team. So cool. A great combination of a work ethic that is laid back yet disciplined. I have already learned so much, I cannot wait to see the final outcome of my time spent there.

That’s all for now, life is incredible.

- April Rose 

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5/3/2012 - Quick Post

A quick post before I start studying for my last final… 

This year has been absolutely GREAT. So many ups and downs, highs and lows, so many new great friends. I am so excited for the next three years. This year flew by. 

I have many interviews in the upcoming days and I am hoping on deciding in the next week or so what my options are for the summer, but I am staying in New York City. 

I cannot wait to share more details of the upcoming plans for Months of April. I will share other things as well in a more lengthy post about this year. 

Time to study for math… 

All the best,

April Rose Gabrielli


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I live for creation.

I really do. 

JEEZE! Life has been so busy. Its been hard, but I’m loving it. Music keeps me grounded. 

SO! I have done many things since I’ve last posted (Sorry ‘bout that!) but the more notable things i’ve done have been…

  1. Drafted/Wrote a fundraising letter for Central Avenue Breakdown’s next production at DIMF! I was able to update investors/followers of the project on the current status and the MANY awards the show has already received. I felt way too cool for my own good. Suellen gave me a few letters and set ups that she she had used in the past, and It was AWESOME to see actually working documents. It was an honor to write it. I wish I felt so honored to write the 8-10 page business papers I was just assigned today. In any case, SUELLEN VANCE ROCKS.


  2. Completely re-structured my main male lead character. It’s working out BEAUTIFULLY! With this, I’ve added a new duet and taken out a (very beloved) song of mine :’( but thats the process. Its so hard to let go!!!
  3. Interviewed my good friend Cat Volpe about her experiences with camp and her take on the people she met, the way she changed and the way in which it influenced her growth into (a wonderful and talented) adult! She has extensive experience in directing and is a playwright herself. She’s been a huge help in this deconstruction project of Months of April, I’m constantly throwing dialogue her way. I hope to have her involved in Months of April always, she has been an incredible help. 
  4. I Officially declared my major to: Arts and Entertainment management BBA! Couldn’t be more thrilled. Since I’ve gotten to Pace I’ve been interested in at least 5 majors… from Musical Theatre > Directing > Communications > Marketing > ARTS MANAGEMENT! I felt like I was calling my Mom up every day telling her a new plan. I’m thrilled to be settled with my choice :) 
  5. LISTENED TO SOME MORE OF “THE PURSUIT” !! Love this band, totally like them if you haven’t already. Also, check out Jared jamming out on a set in NYC when he came to visit me… HERE! :) 

That is pretty much the bulk of it, I will be sure to post my summer plans as soon as they are solidified. Things are a-brewin’! Oh god, it’s late. 

Goodnight All,

April :) 

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